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Comic Collector Live shoppers get to browse through a mega-mall of Comic Book Shops! Shoppers do not need the organizing software to purchase Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Action Figures, Comic Art, or anything for sale! All you need to do is Register to enjoy shopping and buying from some of the best Comic Book Shops in the world!

The software is not needed to shop. However, there are huge, very cool benefits when using the Desktop Software to organize purchases and entire collections! Purchase an item from a shop at Comic Collector Live and it is instantly and automatically entered into your collection... no hunting... no typing! There is nothing more awesome than shopping at Comic Collector Live!

Buying on Comic Collector Live is a blast!

One of the motivations for building Comic Collector Live in the first place was to make the buying, selling, and collecting experience fun and easy.

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Trying to locate specific issues on auction sites can be tiresome and clunky. So we decided to cater specifically to comic book enthusiasts.

Comic Collector Live's Desktop software can benefit you if you're in the market to buy comic books and related items. You can use the software to create a wish list of those issues you need to fill the holes in your collection. Once you have downloaded the software. It's a snap to browse the huge database and add those sought after issues to a wish list.

When you use your wish list to buy comic books you get the added benefit of receiving instant notifications when items your looking to buy become available. It's easier than shopping on auction sites. You can buy right now, and get notified when other items you want go on sale.

Another cool feature of Comic Collector Live is the ever growing number of comic book stores adding inventory. You can browse all the stores for specific issues and go into any individual comic book store to see what items are for sale.

Comic Collector Live allows buyers to rate sellers based on different criteria. This helps both the buyer and seller to make buying comic books an enjoyable experience and works to keep customer service as an important part of using Comic Collector Live.

Your account with Comic Collector Live is also easy to use. You can view the status of your online purchases and connect with buyers via the private messaging system. When you can communicate with sellers there's less of a chance of errors or misunderstanding. We designed the system so you can even create a Favorite Sellers list to highlight those sellers you enjoy doing business with the most.

Shopping Is Easy

  • FREE Membership.
  • Comic Books.
  • Graphic Novels.
  • Action Figures.
  • Statues & Busts.
  • Fast and simple search engine.
  • No waiting on auctions - Buy immediately!
  • Easily manage your account and keep track of your purchases.
  • Private messages between buyers and sellers.
  • Buyers rate our sellers and you can review the rating before you buy.
  • Each comic book is rated with Comic Collector Live's unique rating.

Optional Software

  • 30 Day FREE Trial!
  • Create a wish list.
  • Easily view Gaps in your runs.
  • View cover images.
  • Get notified when a wishlist item becomes avaible.
  • Track variant covers.
  • Get real time data updates.