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Thursday, September 27, 2012 12:18:33 PM
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Summer was here.

Then I blinked and it was over.

We're moving into the last 3 months of 2012 and we're hard at work making changes and updates to the CCL PROJECT in order to make it better...stronger...faster. And that's my one Colonel Steve Austin reference for 2012.

Well maybe just one more reference. And it's random, but I'd like you guys to keep me in your prayers. Tomorrow morning I'm going in for a heart procedure to fix something wrong with my heart. I don't expect any complications, but please be aware that I will be away from the computer after 12pm CT today through the weekend. God lord willing, I'll be back in the saddle again on Monday. NOW...moving on.

Couple things to address while I'm here:

1) Don't forget that on OCTOBER 8th, CCL-ers will have the chance to purchase our new IDW EXCLUSIVE VARIANT for GHOSTBUSTERS #13 in limited supply! Show your support for our great site and community AND get a great collectible at the same time! It's a big Twinkie.

2) CCL will be appearing on OCT 6-7th at the NASHVILLE COMIC AND HORROR FESTIVAL in...well...NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE! Stop by our booth and mention you saw my SIX MILLION DOLLAR picture and I'll give you a copy of our AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #1 CCL EXCLUSIVES just for chance to shake your hand. You can also pick up some awesome CCL Dealer Exclusives too! Everything from MARS ATTACKS to ADVENTURE TIME to AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

3) CCL has updated our marketing material for shows and now has NEW CCL FLIERS! We are in the process of getting new bags made up as well, and these fliers are SWANK! More details to come, but we've already started mailing some out to CCL Sellers this week. Stay tuned on how YOU can do your part and get the CCL word OUT!

4) We just made a new update to the CCL Website effective 9/27/2012! Version is now live. This version addresses some annoying bugs on the site AND also now gives you the ability to search sellers by WISH LIST! Now you can view how many wish list items a seller has and sort accordingly to streamline your purchasing!

5) Effective OCTOBER 1st, 2012, CCL will be putting some new BUYER and SELLER CODES in place in our Official CCL Terms and Conditions! We've heard from both buyers and sellers and CCL is going into action. We believe these changes will help make CCL an even more trusted site by having some accountability in place for the safety of our awesome community. Please check out these topics in our OFFICIAL NEWS SECTION...which is actually the one you're in...just another thread.

6) Hats off to the Approvers. They continue to do a terrific job with much blood and sweat and little glory. I wish I could hug them all individually, however, I know at least one guy named Pat who would want 2 hugs. And that's just creepy. ;)

7) Hats off to our buddy Don @ CURIOUS GOODS & COMICS on his new independent and small comic press distribution company RED BERYL DISTRIBUTION! Don is using his CCL mojo to jel with his Red Beryl juju and it's working out for him well. If you've never met Don, this guy does it all. He's also a family man and just a good guy.

8) Our thanks to our buds at PINWHEEL PRESS for spotlighting CCL in their recent indy publication MAN OF GOD #3...in stores yesterday! Go check these guys out if you haven't already and buy two copies of their books.

Last but not least, I want to address something that I've noticed on our site quite a bit as of late and I think it's necessary to talk about. There are many of you who have experienced technical problems while using our site and/or our software. Expected...since we're an online product. There are a few of you who believe that every time there is a technical problem using our services that it's something that we do or have control over. So here's the skinny:

Because CCL is a frequent site and product you use and visit, it's only natural to assume and believe that anytime you have a software or website problem, that it's something on our end or behind the scenes that might be causing a problem you're having. I think we've made it easy for you to talk to us via the forums and even via phone about problems and even criticize us for the problems you're having. And that's cool.

But know the facts.

On September 10th, GoDaddy, which hosts domain names for MILLIONS of websites went down and took CCL with it for about 4 hours. And yes, this included every web property we manage...as well as the afforementioned MILLIONS mentioned above. When we explained the dealio, some of you did the logical thing: blame our company for using GoDaddy. Honestly, I scratch my head at this. I say the only thing CCL is guilty of is trying to conduct a legitimate business online like millions of others.

If we're having an issue with the site or with our hosting company GEARHOST, we don't hide that. Thanks to GEARHOST our site runs at LEAST 3 times faster than it did, especially if you're shopping our larger CCL stores. Yes, we've had numerous and sporadic small outages (one of which was about 3-4 minutes last Saturday) but I consider these to be growing pains in our effort to get everything into newer, faster and better hardware. Oh wait...there's another Steve Austin reference. But I digress, we are honestly sorry if you were effected during that window or any of the other small windows that have happened. We're only trying to make CCL better. OH and one more thing....Jim Nunn, who I can't speak good enough about, has been awesome in helping make the site better and bringing him on board with the team was one of the best decisions we've made. He's been helping with updates AND also with tech support questions. Heck even the MEMBERSHIP and APPROVERS jump in to answer questions! This is an awesome community.

Some of you experience problems with your desktop software. Sometimes you don't have access to updates. Sometimes it's freezing up. Sometimes it won't open at all. That sucks because we know you love to use CCL and the passionate responses we get back are simply membership in need of help. We do our best to respond and address issues members have...but remember this as I posted in a thread before about the software: the software is held locally on your system. If there's a problem on our end, usually NOONE'S software will work right and the calls roll in. If there's just 1 or 2 people letting us know, then usually 9 times out of 10 that means that there's something in your system causing the error. Once you download the software, the only thing you get from us is updates. Even if you stop paying the $29.95, the software would continue to be of use to you...you just would have no updates. So to trouble shoot, make sure you haven't made any updates to your computer that would effect a change in the way you normally do what you do online. Anti-virus, other programs...heck, I've even had a couple of you call and yell at me only to find out your internet connection had been lost. ALL of these things can contribute to a problem with the software.

Now watch the whole site crash as I type this. lol That would suck.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: try not to be too critical of CCL on the tech aspect. There's alot of gears and widgets behind the curtain that many of you will never see and I don't even totally understand. Site's been up for 5 years now and we're not going anywhere. :)

I'm extremely grateful and honored to be a part of this family and community. These posts are my own thoughts and opinions but presented with information that I hope you guys find useful. We are blessed to have a terrific family here and we hope you'll continue to use CCL as a trusted source for all things comics.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments! Our number is 615-264-4747! You can e-mail me at: steve_midten@hotmail.com or PM me as well.

Now I think I'll go watch THE BIONIC WOMAN.



Steve Boyd

You can reach us by phone at (615) 264-4747 ext 103
and you can e-mail us at helpdesk@comiccollectorlive.com

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Tuesday, October 02, 2012 9:52:51 AM
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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up and let you know I'm back in the office this morning and trying to get myself all caught up from the last several days. If you've contacted me over the weekend, if I don't get back with you today, don't be alarmed. I'm just taking things a little slower than usual to get myself back in the swing.



Steve Boyd

You can reach us by phone at (615) 264-4747 ext 103
and you can e-mail us at helpdesk@comiccollectorlive.com

Check out my official CCL YouTube show:SUPER MEGA COMIC ACTION NEWS AT MIDNIGHT!
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