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Saturday, November 03, 2012 9:26:06 AM
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5 months ago All C's Collectibles in Aurora cancelled my hold slot because they failed to order enough issues to cover guaranteed subscription sales and I told them I'd pick up the issue they missed at a local competitor.
They told me they didn't want my money anymore (click here for the fun).
So I took my $$$ elsewhere.
All C's told me I couldn't put TPBs that come out regularly on my hold slot and they never ordered the ones I want because "there's almost no profit for us on trades"... So I always waited about a month to pick them up at B&N (10% member discount covers tax + a little, but still - a pain).

Since I took my business elsewhere I've added 3 new titles to my pull list and 2 TPB titles that reprint old 80s titles.
I'm getting more comics each month now.

I'm spending $10.00 a month less.

That includes the TPBs which run about $20 a pop and the fact that if I want to pick up an issue of a title I don't normally collect I just need to tell them the week before and I get the hold-slot discount on it too. It also includes a few hardbacks I've picked up here and there (discounted too!).
More regular titles, TPBs, & hardbacks.
Averaging $10 per month less.

I haven't set foot in that other place since and it is my full intention to never give them another red cent of my hard earned cash.
But I do believe I'll head in on the first Saturday in May each year, just to spend a little bit of their money.
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Sunday, November 04, 2012 8:54:28 PM
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i've been saving a ton by not buying as much crap!
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