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NEW Sales Tax Laws take affect. January 1st

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Thursday, March 14, 2019 5:03:59 PM
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Quick update without wading into other discussions.
Idaho Proposes Economic and Marketplace Nexus Legislation
As one of the last holdouts to join every other state with a sales tax, Idaho has proposed economic and marketplace nexus legislation for remote retailers. If passed, the legislation would take effect June 1, 2019. The Idaho House is considering two bills, H.B. 250 and H.B. 239, that would amend and add to existing law to define terms and to provide for the powers and duties of remote retailers and marketplace facilitators regarding the collection of Idaho sales tax.
H.B. 250 provides that on and after June 1, 2019 (H.B. 239 lists July 1, 2019), a remote retailer that lacks physical presence in the state must register to collect tax if, in the previous or current calendar year, the retailer has:
Cumulative gross receipts from sales delivered into Idaho that exceed $100,000
Under both bills, marketplace facilitators will be required to register with the state and collect, report, and pay state sales and use taxes on any retail sales facilitated by the marketplace provider. Marketplace providers without physical presence in Idaho must register once the combined total of its own sales and any sales it facilitates on behalf of its sellers exceed the $100,000 threshold. (H.B. 250, as introduced in the Idaho House of Representatives on March 7, 2019 and H.B. 239, as introduced in the Idaho House of Representatives on March 5, 2019)
Posted on March 12, 2019

I don't see any mention of counting individual transactions which should exempt most CCL sellers if it's a $100,000 threshold.

The facilitators inclusion provision of HB 239 may or may not apply to CCL directly depending on the final wording and thresholds and their interprtations. As many as 20 states appear to be trying to put in Facilitator provisions at this time according to
This month, Idaho – one of the last holdouts to join every other state with a sales tax – proposed economic nexus legislation. The Idaho legislation also includes marketplace nexus provisions, which is in line with the biggest 2019 sales tax trend across the states: new requirements for marketplace facilitators. More than 20 states are currently considering marketplace facilitator measures. We'll continue to keep you updated as legislation moves forward!

Those are quotes from the Sales tax Institutes e-mail updates.

Facilitator laws in simple terms appear to be aimed at having marketplace providers like Amazon, E-Bay, CCL and others if they meet specific criteria different for each State be in a position where they HAVE to collect, file and pay Sales Tax themselves for each sale their platform facilitates irregaurdless of the individual stores qualifying to do so or not.

More to come.

Monday, March 18, 2019 8:21:34 AM
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4saken1 wrote:
b0bafett wrote:
Last I'm going to talk about this.

I just think it's funny that you are the only one making such a big deal about this.

I think if it was that big of a deal CCL would've already done something & you would see more stores complaining about it.

I'm not sure if this will have much of an effect on many CCL stores or not, but often times people don't complain until after it does. We'll probably have a better idea about it this time next year when it's too late......

monidaw is not exactly wrong... he is right to be concerned! Is he being a bit 'Paul Revere' about it? Sure. Again, I do not think he is wrong.

I PAY someone to do make that determination. My accountant is available to answer those questions for me, and how they apply to me.

My accountant does my taxes and makes suggestions on the best strategy to handle it. I am not the only small internet biz this firm has, so advice is plentiful.

If it turns out CCL is not compliant with what they need to do for us I have a Tax attorney I can pay if I need to.

Laws are laws, but some are unenforceable, which may happen here. I'm not going to spend TIME, the thing that costs the MOST to me, dealing with an issue in flux.

This is not a CRISIS, the 'sky is not going to fall' and we are all not going to be imprisoned for tax evasion.

Should CCL do something about it? Maybe they are. They are a 'MANAGE BY CRISIS' company, so if it is important to THEM, it will get addressed.

Things like a Dropdown box requires management, which requires $$$ and frankly, I personally don't need it.

Maybe getting PAYPAL to work better within the software or making the data transactions and pages secure would be a better thing to BANG the drum about.

If monidaw feels this is the way that will fix the problem for him, then I say let him. It's his time, and the worst that could happen is it gets done properly.
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