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Sunday, April 28, 2019 8:15:22 PM
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I've had the pleasure and displeasure in the last month to watch Season 2 of the Orville and Season 1 of Discovery (finally) and the difference between the two shows absolutely blows my mind.

Discovery is one of the, if not THE worst, show on TV/streaming services right now. It comes across as a movie script that is expanded to go through an entire season of television. It's dark (like the movies) and even though there's an in show explanation, it only looks like they made a movie set for a TV show and came up with the excuse as secondary. And the writing is... I'd say bad, but I don't want to insult bad writing. It's cliche, tacky, and horribly predictable. Even a trip to the mirror universe just wasn't enough to get my inner fan boy hyped up.

Compare that to the Orville, at first glance it seems like it's going to be a bad Star Trek parody written and starring Seth McFarlane and there are absolutely McFarlane jokes in there. But it's very clear that McFarlane is a HUGE Star Trek fan and wanted to truly pay homage to Gene Roddenberry's creation. Every episode has a feel to it that makes you say, "This is a TNG episode" or, "This is a ToS episode". And it's lighted like a TV show. Bright lights everywhere, but no lens flare. And despite that, even when it's predictable, it still turns out to be amazingly well written. Early on for the two part finale for season 2 I pegged it as a play off of Yesterday's Enterprise from TNG, but it didn't take away one single bit from the show at all. If anything it adds to it because it makes you realize how true it's being to the source material.

The Orville is the one true Star Trek show on TV right now, not Discovery.

As an added bonus, I have no idea if Seth McFarlane as read any of the Star Trek: New Frontier books by Peter David, but there is a lot of ideas that exist in both series, the foremost of which is the Captain and First Officer having a previous relationship that ended badly, but they still end up on the same ship. I would highly recommend reading that series if you like the Orville.
Tuesday, May 07, 2019 4:01:50 AM
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Agreed, I've heard this as well. Although I've never seen The Orville, it looked to me when it premiered to be a total satire/parody of Star Trek, in the vein of Galaxy Quest. However, I've heard from a few outlets that it's actually got a lot of forward-thinking, heavy-handed sci-fi storytelling going on. It's enough to make me check it out. Someday.
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