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Poll Question: Which Team Are You Hoping For?

  • Alpha Flight
    2 vote(s)
  • Champions
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  • Defenders
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  • Excalibur
    0 vote(s)
  • Heroes For Hire
    0 vote(s)
  • New Wariors
    0 vote(s)
  • Power Pack
    0 vote(s)
  • Young Avengers
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  • You got another suggestion?
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Which Marvel Super Hero Team Would You Like To See In a Movie?

Saturday, March 12, 2022 3:01:11 PM
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So far in the overall Marvel realm of movies (and TV) we have seen the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Defenders (sorta?) and the New Mutants. Oh, and X-Force I guess? Confused Did I miss any?

Anyways, there are numerous other Super Hero groups in the Marvel Universe to explore. Some are more well known and longer lived while others only lasted a short time and are almost lost to memory. I'm looking at you, Force Works!

Here is my short list of teams that I would be interested in seeing on the big screen. Let me know what you think!

Alpha Flight

This might be my favorite on the list. I would hope for the Classic Team but would settle for something decent.


Might be tough to do the Classic Team on this one but there have been several iterations so any one will do.


Again, Original Team might be too difficult. However, Dr. Strange and Hulk are already in the MCU, Silver Surfer appeared in FF2 and rumors have it that Sub-Mariner might be showing up soon.


This one has the potential to be really good with the right mix of characters and story line. Cross-Time Caper anyone?

Heroes For Hire

This could be the super hero equivalent to the A-Team! It could either be spun seriously or comedic. Or both the way Marvel is going nowadays.

New Warriors

I could get down with this! The MCU is going for younger characters and they would fit right in!

Power Pack

Anything they do with this will have to be better than that godawful TV pilot in the 1990's.

Young Avengers

Yeah, speaking of "young" this is probably going to be the next thing that the MCU does. Already seems like they're setting it up. Some of the characters have already popped up in various shows.

OK, I'd love to hear your thoughts and please feel free to mention another Super Team not on the list.

My Honorable mention would be The Pet Avengers!!!!


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Saturday, March 12, 2022 3:36:37 PM
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How about an Invaders Marvel tv mini series to ease the induction of Namor into the wider MCU? I would also be all for a Champions movie, as long as they stick to the original line-up.
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