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Comic Collector Live Forum Rules

RULE ONE: Don't use this forum to break US laws. We have to report you if you do.

RULE TWO: Don't post things on this forum to invade someone's privacy, defame, abuse, intimidate, harass, threaten or any such restatement of extremely bad manners.

RULE THREE: CCL terms of Service still apply.

For those of you who prefer your rules to be very detailed and legal sounding, here's an expanded list for you.

Comic Collector Live Forum Rules and Policies

Usage of these forums are subject to the general Comic Collector Live Terms and Conditions and the Forum Rules and Policies as specified here. These policies are meant as clarification of Comic Collector Live policies for the forums and do not change the effect of the terms and conditions.

The messages on this forum express the views of the message author and not necessarily the views of MidTen Media, Inc. or the Comic Collector Live staff. Any user that feels a message should be removed is encouraged to send a private message to any member of the CCL Employee or Administration groups or contact us by e-mail at helpdesk@comiccollectorlive.com. If we determine that removal of the message or other action is necessary, we will do so.

The Comic Book Talk, Comic Book Collecting and The Water Cooler sections of the message board are moderated by members chosen by CCL. These members can be identified by the label 'Moderator'. It is their responsibility to make sure, where possible, that discussion remains on topic and within the rules stated on this page.

CCL Employees and members of Administration have moderator powers throughout the forums.

This site shall be governed by the laws of the United States. Anything which may be construed as illegal activity will be reported to authorities, along with any details held regarding the members involved.

Further, by using this forum:

You agree not to use this forum to violate laws, incite illegal activity or engage in conspiracy to commit crimes.

You agree not to post copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner.

You agree not to post any material which is invasive of a person's privacy, defamatory, abusive, threatening or intended to terrorize, intimidate or harass.

Moderators may edit, change or delete any post that violates the rules on this page. Administration reserves the right to prevent access to members or revoke membership at any time. Customarily, a reason behind such decisions made by CCL Employees, Administration or Moderators will be provided.

Moderators will look at available options before locking a topic. When locking a topic, moderators should provide a reason for doing so. A member of Administraion will review locked topics and will make a final decision.

Moderators will edit posts using their own discretion in the following instances:
- Where a post is in breach of the forum rules and guidelines.
- Where the post formatting has failed to a point where it severely affects the ability to read the topic.

In cases where a post is in breach of the forum rules and guidelines, a member of Administration will be informed and the member may be suspended from the forum until the situation is reviewed.

In the case of formatting corrections, changes should be minimal and not alter or affect the meaning of the post if possible, in which case moderators should contact the member via private message to let them know that the post has been edited and the reasons why.

Make sure that you read and understand the forum rules here
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