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SHS Voting Rules Reminder - Please Read Before Voting

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 10:51:13 PM
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SuperHero Showdown is intended to be a forum for everyone to have fun deciding how battles between various characters would turn out, given the selected environments. We encourage member participation in the fights, as long as it is in keeping with the rules of the game.

Having said that, I need to ask everyone to please review the voting rules before voting. These rules may be found in the first post of the SuperHero Showdown 1 - Official Rules and Details Thread. An abridged version of the voting rules is also included in the first post of every fight thread, immediately following the fight details. For your convenience, I'm also including a copy at the end of this post.

Over the last couple of fights, we've had instances where these rules have been violated. In the first instance, the violation did not effect the outcome of the fight. In the most recent fight, the violation had a direct impact on the outcome of the fight and the cards played. In both cases, the members have been contacted and asked to follow the voting rules.

Please keep in mind that the team managers put a lot of time and effort into these tournaments. This time around they are competing for prizes as well as bragging rights. As much as you may want to vote 5 times for your favorite character or manager, please keep in mind that this is not a popularity contest.

The SHS 1 hosts want to assure all team managers, that none of the SHS 1 managers have been involved in the voting issues. Jim, TVO and I will continue to keep an eye on the voting and will do our best to make sure the competion remains fair to everyone.

In reviewing the rules, we realized that while they dealt with consequences for violations by team managers, there were no provisions for voting irregularities on the part of non-managers. Item 9 has been added to the Voting Rules to address this oversight.

This thread is being locked on posting. If you have any questions or concerns about the SHS Voting Rules, please contact Jim. LadyJay or The_Valiant_One through PM or by email at coc@comiccollectorlive.com.

We continue to encourage all interested CCL members to participate by commenting and/or voting on the fights. We do ask that everyone who participates in the tournament do so in the spirit of good sportsmanship.


Voting Rules:

1. Anybody can vote (competitors, spectators, etc.)

2. CCL'ers are permitted to vote once per fight (including team managers.) If you have multiple CCL accounts, you may only vote from one of those accounts. To ensure fairness, multiple CCL users that live under the same roof should designate one person as the voter. This eliminates the possibility of "block" voting. (Ask us for clarification, if this is unclear to you.)

3. Even though it is a difficult task. The contestants are hoping voters vote with their head and not their heart. They want to see who would truly win the battle, not whose costume you hate the most.

4. Voters are encouraged to comment on why they are voting one way or another or ask questions of the team managers.

5. It is a good rule of thumb to hear from both managers before voting.

6. All votes are final, even if you accidentally push the wrong button!

7. While we invite and encourage all CCL members to participate in the tournament, we do ask that new members refrain from voting the first day they sign up for CCL. The intent of this rule is to discourage people from turning the game into a popularity contest by signing up just to vote in a friend’s fight.

8. Good Sportsmanship: There are way too many loopholes to write every single rule down. Many are common sense rules that just revolve around fair play and sportsmanship. The mods will step in whenever one of us feel someone is crossing the line with regards to dragging down the "spirit" of the game. We reserve the right to remove any manager that we feel is challenging the moral tone of the game.

Added 8/21/2012
9. The SuperHero Showdown Forum is a sub-section of the Comic Collector Live Forums and as such is subject to the forum rules and terms of service. Violations of the voting rules, particularly those relating to fairness and good sportsmanship are subject to disciplinary action in the same manner as violations of any other forum rules. These actions can range from warnings up to and including suspension from the forums. Actions taken in response to violations will be determined on a case by case basis after an evaluation of the circumstances and the severity of the violation.
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