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Purpose of the Newsstand Editions subforum

Sunday, October 13, 2013 11:57:03 PM
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Welcome to Newsstand Editions, a CCL Messageboard subforum dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of newsstand versions of comic books.

Recent polling suggests that interest in newsstand comics is growing, yet there are many aspects of the topic about which little is understood. No authoritative source yet exists which collectors and dealers can consult to determine A) which titles, and which issues, have had newsstand editions, B) which issues with newsstand editions have price variants, C) how to determine whether an issue in hand is a newsstand or a direct-sales edition, etc. It is hoped that this forum will become a place where such information can be collaboratively discussed, and conclusions reached.

If you are a collector who preferentially seeks newsstand comics, or a dealer who wants to be able to correctly distinguish newsstand comics from direct-sales comics, then we hope to make this forum your primary resource for information on this topic.
Saturday, December 05, 2015 9:57:48 AM
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Sorry my hubby is the collector of the comics, he doesn't have a preference of whether it be a newsstand edition or the direct sales editin he has both. The main difference that I can tell from when I was originally here as MsMacDugle is that the newsstand edition was put out to the public while the Direct Sales edition was sent directly from the publisher to the individual's home that wanted the comic. So that is about all I can tell you.

Yes they have just about as many variants as the direct sales editions do because they were release & published at the same time as the direct sales the only real difference is the barcoding on some of the oler original issues, I've not been able to sit here & input for a long time & found that this thread had been started but no one was here to discuss the situation anymore maybe because I wasn't here to stand my ground & go toe to toe with those that prefer the direct sales copies covers be the acceptable cover & that our newsstand issues be only on display in our own directories. I fought to keep the 1st in stay the cover that was to be displayed.

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Saturday, December 05, 2015 11:58:33 AM
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A few years back, the topic of Newsstand Editions was pretty big on CCL. There was basically a group of collectors who wanted Newsstand Editions to be included into the database. A few ideas were put forth, but nothing changed with the software. This subforum was created as a result.

It appears inactive, but if you go to the subforum page and select "ALL" you'll see a fair number of threads and comments over the years. No activity lately, though (just like the rest of the boards).
Thursday, May 12, 2016 8:05:09 AM
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I went to a Barnes and noble store recently and went to look at comics and grab a few to buy and looked at the price all books cost a dollar more then a direct addition,a 2.99 book at my LCS would cost 3.99 at Barnes.....I put them back!!!!
Sunday, November 27, 2016 3:03:38 AM
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For me, newsstand comics feel more authentic. this my personal choice. when it comes to art collectibles, the providence is key for me...This might be important to future comic collector. The newsstand comics were the origin of buying and selling of comics. Its where it all began. So for me Ill buy a newsstand version any day over a direct copy. Newsstand versions are gaining notoriety fast.
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Monday, July 31, 2017 10:16:04 PM
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I have both in my collection, in the long run does one have an advantage over the other when it comes to value or future sell price?
Tuesday, August 01, 2017 11:01:22 AM
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Only to Mile High Comics and speculators who like to CGC everything and quadruple the "value."
Tuesday, August 01, 2017 12:12:53 PM
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JJP161 wrote:
I have both in my collection, in the long run does one have an advantage over the other when it comes to value or future sell price?

There are definitely collectors looking for specific newsstand issues, but those collectors are few and supply is mostly still high, so it doesn't usually affect prices for common issues. Key issues that are newsstand editions can sell for a premium when advertised right. Also later newsstand editions (2000 and up or so) can also fetch a few dollars since newer newsstand editions are virtually impossible to find, and most have different cover prices than their direct counterparts. Key titles like Bstman and Amazing Spider-Man are the most sought after.
Monday, February 05, 2018 11:35:50 AM
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[quoteI have both in my collection, in the long run does one have an advantage over the other when it comes to value or future sell price?][/quote]

If I have the choice between two copies in equal grade at the same price then I may as well stash away the Newstand Edition since even if they don't have a sustained price increase over the Direct Edition years from now, they should at least pull in the same price a Direct Edition would. A Win-Nothing to Lose situation.

In the last year or so Mile High has slashed a lot of their Newstand Edition Prices so even with them the market must be smaller than the supply.
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 12:45:57 PM
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Funny story about newsstand...

I ordered some comics from Lone Star/mycomicshop.com via ebay. They had some listed as "D" for Direct or "N" for newsstand. For some random Onslaught tie-in issue I needed for a binding project, I just picked whichever one was cheaper, listed as the Direct Edition. When I got the issue, it was a newsstand version, although with their "D" label on it.

So much for Lone Star and Mile High trying to generate a newsstand markup.
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