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Friday, October 19, 2007 9:03:36 AM
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First Appearance: 300 #1 (May 1998)

Created By: Frank Miller, Lynn Varley (Based on Real Life Person)

History: Leonidas is the king of the City-State Sparta in ancient Greece. He hears of a Persian invasion and after killing the messanger, gathers a group of Spartas 300 best warriors. He leads his soldiers to the "Hot Gates" where it will create a bottleneck thatthe Persian Soldiers will have to squeeze through, effectively lowering the number thatthe 300 Spartans have to fight at one time. After 2 days, Leonidas meets with Xerxes who offers him wealth and power. Leonidas refuses and the battle continues. Before the final battle, Leonidas sends his friend Dillos to tell the citizens of Sparta the story of the 300. During this final battle Leonidas is killed but not beforre wounding the "immortal" Xerxes. His story inspires the Spartans to go full force into battle with the Persian Army

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