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Friday, May 27, 2011 11:27:20 PM
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We're excited to announce a new feature we're rolling out here in CCL. We're expanding the ways you can use the story arc field to allow users to link issues by something other than a traditional story arc. You'll see these tags show up in the story arc field with the prefix Tag:. We're starting the rollout small, with a limited set of categories, but hope to expand it rapidly as members propose new and interesting ways to link issues. Please read on for a complete description of how these tags work and descriptions and some examples of the new tags.

Tag Guidelines
(These guidelines will eventually be incorporated into the full guidelines.)
Tags may be used to link issues together according to criteria other than story arcs, such as themed variant covers, Free Comic Book Day, etc.

Formatting: Aside from the Tag prefix, colon, and standard CCL casing, there is no guidance for formatting. As usage develops, we may revisit this. For now, all Tags will look like this:
Tag: Something to Describe a Tag

New Tags: Any member can propose a Tag in the database for a grouping of issues by submitting a request through the Change Request system for a new Story Arc which begins with Tag:. If the Tag fits among existing Tag Categories it will be automatically approved. If it falls outside existing categories, the Approvers will discuss if a new category needs to be created to accept the Tag.

Tag Usage: Once a Tag has been declared, anyone can add this Tag to any issue it applies to. There is no limit to the number of Tags an issue can have and no limit to the number of issues that a particular Tag may be added to. Tags may be applied to any item type: Comics, Hardcovers, Magazines, Toys, etc.

Dispute Resolution: Disputes over which item a Tag should be added to will be settled by duplicating the Tag and changing the scope of the two Tags to represent the differing viewpoints. For example, suppose Frank proposes the Tag:
Tag: Free Comic Book Day
Where Frank intend to add this year's free comics. We see that free comics for all years are added to this Tag, which was not Frank's original intent. We can resolve this by splitting the Tag to:
Tag: Free Comic Book Day
Tag: Free Comic Book Day (2010)
Now the first Tag can be used for all FCBD books and the second can also be added to those from 2010.

Acceptable Tag Categories:
These are the Tag Categories which have been agreed may be used to define new tags. Below each category is a short list of examples of of tags which fit into the category.
(This is a starter list, which will expand over time.)

Themed covers:
Tag: Thor Goes Hollywood
Tag: Marvel 25th Anniversary Border
Tag: DC White Cover
Tag: Joe Quesada New Avengers Puzzle Cover
Free Comic Book Day:
Tag: Free Comic Book Day
Tag: Free Comic Book Day 2011
Themed reprints:
Tag: Marvel's Greatest Comics Edition
Tag: Hundred Penny Press
Tag: Boom! Blast
Tag: Image Firsts
Giveaways and promotions:
Tag: Taco Bell Exclusive Collector Edition (2009)
Tag: Pizza Hut Collector's Edition
Tag: Drake's Cakes Mini Comics
Comic reprints included in toy lines:
Tag: Marvel Legends
Tag: Star Wars Comic Packs
Line wide themed issues not connected by a common story:
Tag: Dark Horse 100
Tag: Dark Horse 25th Anniversary
Tag: Marvel Flashback
Tag: 'Nuff Said
Tag: Marvel Point One
Shop/Site/Convention Exclusives:
Tag: Dynamic Forces
Tag: AnotherUniverse
Tag: Comic X-Press
Tag: BaltimoreCon
Tag: WizardWorld Philly
Tag: San Diego Comic Con
Series Without Common Indicia
Tag: Comic Reading Libraries
Tag: Blackthorne 3D
Tag: First Comics Graphic Novel
Tag: Dynabrite
Tag: Marvel Graphic Novels
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