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X-23 actually has something to offer! A Review of NYX/X-23 1 A
X-23 and Alan Davis A Review of Uncanny X-Men (1981) 451 A
Xavier has ways of making you understand... A Review of X-Men Legacy (2008) 225 A
x-awesome A Review of X-Force (2008) 12 A
Xenozoic Tales A Review of Death Rattle (1985) 8 A
XF Investigations: Case Closed A Review of X-Factor (1986) 230 B
X-Factor #33 - "He Loves you" Part 1 of 3 - (Larry Stroman Returns!) A Review of X-Factor (2006) 33 A
X-Fans Delight! A Review of Wolverine (2010) 7 A
x-force#9 A Review of X-Force (2008) 9 A
X-Infernus 1 A Review of X-Infernus 1 A
X-Infernus: A Review From The Dark Side! A Review of X-Infernus 1 A
x-men A Review of Astonishing X-Men (2004) 26 A
x-men A Review of Eternals (2008) 8 A
X-Men - Secret Invasion, poopy. A Review of Secret Invasion: X-Men 2 A
X-men # 1
X-Men Meets Dracula A Review of X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga 1 A
X-Men: Manifest Destiny A Review of X-Men: Manifest Destiny 4 A
X-MEN:KINGBREAKER #1 A Review of X-Men: Kingbreaker 1 A
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