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Title A+X
Book Type Comic Book
Publisher Marvel
Description Marvel 2012 - 2014 (18 Issues)
TitleCaptionCover Date
A+X 1-A Dale Keown Cover12/01/2012
A+X 1-B Mike Deodato Jr. 1:20 Cover12/01/2012
A+X 1-C Ed McGuinness 1:25 Connecting Cover12/01/2012
A+X 1-D Ed McGuinness 1:50 Black & White Connecting Cover12/01/2012
A+X 1-E Skottie Young "Baby" Cover12/01/2012
A+X 1-F Steve McNiven "Spider-Man 50th Anniversary" Cover12/01/2012
A+X 1-G Blank Cover12/01/2012
A+X 1-H Dale Keown Cover (2nd Printing)01/01/2013
A+X 2-A Chris Bachalo Cover01/01/2013
A+X 2-B Mike Del Mundo 1:20 Cover01/01/2013
A+X 2-C Ed McGuinness 1:25 Connecting Cover01/01/2013
A+X 2-D Ed McGuinness 1:50 Black & White Connecting Cover01/01/2013
A+X 3-A Pasqual Ferry Cover02/01/2013
A+X 3-B Billy Tan 1:20 Cover02/01/2013
A+X 3-C Ed McGuinness 1:25 Connecting Cover02/01/2013
A+X 3-D Ed McGuinness 1:50 Black & White Connecting Cover02/01/2013
A+X 4-A Kaare Andrews Cover03/01/2013
A+X 4-B Mark Brooks 1:20 Cover03/01/2013
A+X 4-C Ed McGuinness 1:25 Connecting Cover03/01/2013
A+X 4-D Ed McGuinness 1:50 Black & White Connecting Cover03/01/2013
A+X 5-A David Lafuente Cover04/01/2013
A+X 5-B 1:25 Cover04/01/2013
A+X 6-A  05/01/2013
A+X 7-A Orphans Cheeps Cover06/01/2013
A+X 7-B Paul Renaud 1:20 "Many Armors of Iron Man" Cover06/01/2013
A+X 8-A  07/01/2013
A+X 9-A  08/01/2013
A+X 10-A  09/01/2013
A+X 11-A  10/01/2013
A+X 12-A  11/01/2013
A+X 13-A  12/01/2013
A+X 14-A  01/01/2014
A+X 15-A  02/01/2014
A+X 16-A  03/01/2014
A+X 17-A  04/01/2014
A+X 18-A  05/01/2014
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