America's Comic Group (ACG) Titles

Master's Series (Comic Book)
Mike Mauser Files (Comic Book)
Millennium 2.5 A.D. (Comic Book)
Miss Fury (2000) (Comic Book)
Monster Hunters (Comic Book)
Moon Beast (Comic Book)
My Romantic Adventures (1997) (Comic Book)
Nam Tales (Comic Book)
New Adventures of Terry & the Pirates (Comic Book)
Not Approved Crime (Comic Book)
Not Approved Horror (Comic Book)
Original Sins (1999) (Comic Book)
Out of the Night (1998) (Comic Book)
Planet Comics (Comic Book)
Power of Five (Comic Book)
Pulp Action (Comic Book)
Pulp Horror (Comic Book)
Pulp Western (Comic Book)
Real Weird War (Comic Book)
Real Weird West (Comic Book)
Return of Herbie (Comic Book)
Saigon Chronicles (Comic Book)
Sherlock Holmes (1997) (Comic Book)
Space Trip to the Moon (Comic Book)
Space War Classics (Comic Book)
Special Collection (Comic Book)
Star Combat Tales (Comic Book)
Star Hawks (Comic Book)
Star Western (Comic Book)
Startling Comics (1999) (Comic Book)
Strange Stories (Comic Book)
Sword of the Samurai (Comic Book)
Tales of Blue & Grey (Comic Book)
Tales of the Green Berets (Comic Book)
Tasty Bits (Comic Book)
Terry and the Pirates (Comic Book)
Thane of Bagarth (Comic Book)
Time Traveler Herbie (Comic Book)
Total War (2001) (Comic Book)
UFO (Comic Book)
Vic Torry (Comic Book)
Weird (Comic Book)
Weird Space (Comic Book)
Wild West (Comic Book)
Yeah Baby (Comic Book)
Young Lovers (Comic Book)
Zane Grey's To The Last Man (Comic Book)
ZaZa the Mystic (1998) (Comic Book)
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