Alias Titles

10th Muse: The Odyssey (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Alivs Rex (Comic Book)
ArmorQuest: Genesis (Graphic Novel / Trade)
ArmorQuest: Genesis (Comic Book)
Astounding Heroes Starring the Vindicators (Comic Book)
Atomik Mike (2006) (Comic Book)
Blackbeard Legacy (2006) (Comic Book)
Chrono Mechanics (Comic Book)
Comic Book Digest (2006) (Comic Book)
David: The Shepherd's Song (Comic Book)
David's Mighty Men (Comic Book)
Deal with the Devil (Comic Book)
Devil's Keeper (Comic Book)
Dreamland Chronicles (2004) (Comic Book)
Elsinore (Comic Book)
Gimoles (Comic Book)
Guardian Heroes (Comic Book)
Hammer Kid (Comic Book)
Hyper-Actives (Comic Book)
Imperial Dragons (Comic Book)
Johnny Caronte: Zombie Detective & The Revolver (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Judo Girl (2005) (Comic Book)
Judo Girl (2006) (Comic Book)
Killer Stunts (Comic Book)
Legacy (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Legend of Isis (2005) (Comic Book)
Legend of Isis: Beginnings (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Lethal Instinct (Comic Book)
Lullaby (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Lullaby (Comic Book)
Monkey in a Wagon vs Lemur on a Big Wheel (Comic Book)
Odyssey: Absolute Power (Comic Book)
Opposite Forces (Comic Book)
Orion (2006) (Comic Book)
OzF5: Gale Force (Comic Book)
Pakkins' Land (2005) (Comic Book)
Penny and Aggie (Comic Book)
Pistolfist: Revolutionary Warrior (2006) (Comic Book)
Psi-Kix (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Revere (Comic Book)
Saint (2006) (Comic Book)
Saint Graphic Introduction (Comic Book)
Sixgun Samurai (Comic Book)
Soulcatcher (2005) (Comic Book)
Super Teen*Topia (Comic Book)
Ted Noodleman: Bicycle Delivery Boy (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Tempest (2006) (Comic Book)
Tenth Muse (Comic Book)
Toy Box (Comic Book)
TwinBlades: The Killing Words (Comic Book)
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