Avalon Communications Titles

Ace McCoy (Comic Book)
ACG Christmas Special (Comic Book)
ACG's Civil War (Comic Book)
ACG's Halloween Special (Comic Book)
All Detective (Comic Book)
All Suspense (Comic Book)
Amazing Comics (2000) (Comic Book)
Atom the Atomic Cat (Comic Book)
Atomic Rabbit & Friends (Comic Book)
Barbarians (Comic Book)
Bat Men (Comic Book)
Brenda Starr (1998) (Comic Book)
Bug Wars (Comic Book)
Combat Zone (Comic Book)
Cop Called Tracy (Comic Book)
Cowboy Love (1998) (Comic Book)
Crime & Justice (Comic Book)
Crimebuster (Comic Book)
D-Day (Comic Book)
Deep Terror (Comic Book)
Der Countess (Comic Book)
Devil's Brigade (Comic Book)
Dick Tracy Crimebuster (Comic Book)
Dick Tracy Detective (Comic Book)
Dizzy Dames Special Edition (Comic Book)
Doomsday + 1 (1998) (Comic Book)
Eh! (1997) (Comic Book)
Fat Fury Special (Comic Book)
Fire and Steel (Comic Book)
First Trip to the Moon (Comic Book)
Flyboys (Comic Book)
Forbidden Worlds (1998) (Comic Book)
Gravedigger Tales (Comic Book)
Great Detective Sherlock Holmes (Comic Book)
Green Planet (1998) (Comic Book)
Gung Ho (Comic Book)
Hagar the Horrible (1995) (Comic Book)
Hero (2001) (Comic Book)
Heroes (Comic Book)
House of Yang (1998) (Comic Book)
I Love You (1998) (Comic Book)
Invasion (1997) (Comic Book)
Iron Corporal (1998) (Comic Book)
Johnny Comet (Comic Book)
Jungle Jim (1998) (Comic Book)
Lonely War of Willy Schultz (Comic Book)
Magicman (1998) (Comic Book)
Man Called Loco (Comic Book)
Manga Horror (Comic Book)
Master's Series (Comic Book)
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