Apple Titles

Bat (Comic Book)
Big Bad Blood of Dracula (Comic Book)
Blazing Combat (Comic Book)
Blazing Combat: World War I and World War II (Comic Book)
Blood of Dracula (Comic Book)
Dark Fantasy (Comic Book)
Days of Darkness (Comic Book)
Days of Wrath (Comic Book)
Death Dreams of Dracula (Comic Book)
Desert Storm Journal (Comic Book)
Dracula in Hell (Comic Book)
Eagle (1986) (Comic Book)
Elfquest: Siege at Blue Mountain (Comic Book)
Fish Police (1988) (Comic Book)
Fish Shticks (Comic Book)
High Shining Brass (Comic Book)
Invasion '55 (Comic Book)
Miracle Squad: Blood and Dust (Comic Book)
Mr. Fixitt (1989) (Comic Book)
Myth Conceptions (Comic Book)
New Crime Files of Michael Mauser, Private Eye (Comic Book)
Retief! (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Survive! (1992) (Comic Book)
Timejump War (Comic Book)
Trollords: Death and Kisses (Comic Book)
Vampiric Jihad (Comic Book)
Vietnam Journal (Comic Book)
Vietnam Journal (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Vietnam Journal: Bloodbath at Khe Sanh (Comic Book)
Vietnam Journal: Tet '68 (Comic Book)
Vietnam Journal: Valley of Death (Comic Book)
Vox (Comic Book)
Winning in the Desert (Comic Book)
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