Avon Titles

All True Detective Cases (Comic Book)
Atomic Spy Cases (Comic Book)
Attack on Planet Mars (Comic Book)
Avon Fantasy - An Earth Man on Venus (Comic Book)
Bachelor's Diary (Comic Book)
Bad Men of the West (Comic Book)
Bad Men of Tombstone (Comic Book)
Behind Prison Bars (Comic Book)
Betty and Her Steady (Comic Book)
Black Hawk - Tomahawk Indian War (Comic Book)
Blazing Six Guns! (Comic Book)
Boy Detective (Comic Book)
Buddies of the U.S. Army (Comic Book)
Butch Cassidy (Comic Book)
Campus Romances (Comic Book)
Captain Silver's Log of the Sea Hound (Comic Book)
Captain Steve Savage (1950) (Comic Book)
Captain Steve Savage (1954) (Comic Book)
Chief Crazy Horse (Comic Book)
Chief Victorio's Apache Massacre (Comic Book)
City of the Living Dead (Comic Book)
Complete Romance (Comic Book)
Cow Puncher Comic (Comic Book)
Custer's Last Fight (Comic Book)
Dalton Boys (Comic Book)
Davy Crockett (1951) (Comic Book)
Dennis the Menace (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Diary of Horror (Comic Book)
Eerie (1947) (Comic Book)
Escape from Devil's Island (Comic Book)
Famous Gangsters (Comic Book)
Fighting Daniel Boone (Comic Book)
Fighting Davy Crockett (Comic Book)
Fighting Indians of the Wild West (Comic Book)
Fighting Indians of the Wild West Annual (Comic Book)
Fighting Undersea Commandos (Comic Book)
Flying Saucers (1950) (Comic Book)
For a Night of Love (Comic Book)
Frontier Romances (Comic Book)
Funnies Annual (Comic Book)
Funny Tunes (Comic Book)
Gangsters and Gun Molls (Comic Book)
Geronimo (Comic Book)
Going Steady with Betty (Comic Book)
Hooded Menace (Comic Book)
Jesse James (1950) (Comic Book)
King of the Bad Men of Deadwood (Comic Book)
King Solomon's Mines (Comic Book)
Kit Carson (Comic Book)
Last of the Comanches (Comic Book)
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