Amaze Ink Titles

15 Minutes (Comic Book)
Biff Bam Pow (Comic Book)
Bombaby (Comic Book)
Dragon Knights (1998) (Comic Book)
Emily & the Intergalatic Lemonade Stand (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Everwinds (Comic Book)
Griffin (1997) (Comic Book)
Halo and Sprocket (Comic Book)
Halo and Sprocket (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Highway 13 (Comic Book)
Iliad (Comic Book)
Jet Comics (Comic Book)
Jet Pack Pets: Let's Make Tracks! (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Kid Blastoff (Comic Book)
Little Gloomy's Crypt of Creeps (Comic Book)
Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order (Comic Book)
Mad Science (Comic Book)
Mister Blank (Comic Book)
My Monkey's Name is Jennifer (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Night (1995) (Comic Book)
Patty Cake & Friends (2000) (Comic Book)
Patty Cake & Friends Color Collection (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Replacement God (Comic Book)
Scarlet Thunder (Comic Book)
Skeleton Key (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Skeleton Key (1995) (Comic Book)
Skeleton Key (1999) (Comic Book)
Skeleton Key Special (Comic Book)
Sleeping Dragons (Comic Book)
Spinworld (Comic Book)
Spookgirl (Comic Book)
Super Scary Monster Show—Featuring Little Gloomy (Comic Book)
Swerve (Comic Book)
Trashed (Comic Book)
Wretch (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Wretch (1997) (Comic Book)
Zero Street (Comic Book)
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