Alterna Comics Titles

Adam Wreck (Comic Book)
Amazing Age (Comic Book)
American Terror (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Attack of the Alterna Zombies! (Comic Book)
Chair (Comic Book)
Chair (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Croak (Comic Book)
Doppelganger (Comic Book)
Fubar: By the Sword (Comic Book)
FUBAR: Guts and Glory (Comic Book)
Go West (Comic Book)
Jesus Hates Zombies Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Lilith Dark (Comic Book)
Mother Russia (Comic Book)
Mr. Crypt (Comic Book)
Mr. Scootles (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Risers (Graphic Novel / Trade)
Scrimshaw (Comic Book)
Sonitus (Comic Book)
Tinseltown (Comic Book)
Trespasser (Comic Book)
Wicked Righteous (Comic Book)
XII (Comic Book)
Zero Jumper (Comic Book)
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