Tag: Homage Cover - Superman (1939) #1 Issues

Superman (1939) 1-A
(Comic Book) DC
Jun 1939
Ambush Bug 1-A
(Comic Book) DC
Jun 1985
Action Comics (1938) 643-A
(Comic Book) DC
Jul 1989
Superman: Speeding Bullets 1-A
(Comic Book) DC
Jan 1993
Lethargic Lad (1996) 1-A
(Comic Book) Crusade
Jun 1996
Supreme 41-A
(Comic Book) Image
Aug 1996
Supreme 41-B
(Comic Book) Image
Aug 1996
Superman: War of the Worlds 1-A
(Comic Book) DC
Dec 1998
Superman (1939) 1-B
(Comic Book) DC
Jun 1999
Shanda the Panda (1993) 25-A
(Comic Book) Shanda Fantasy Arts
Jul 1999
Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 32-B
(Graphic Novel / Trade) Gemstone
May 2002
Majestic (2004) 1-A
(Comic Book) DC
Oct 2004
Superman: Cover to Cover Statues 1-A
(Statue / Bust) DC Direct
Jan 2005
Bizarre New World 1-B
(Comic Book) Ape Entertainment
May 2007
Superman (1939) 701-B
(Comic Book) DC
Sep 2010
Electric Man 1-A
(Comic Book) Dugbus Ltd.
Jan 2013
Superman (2011) 27-B
(Comic Book) DC
Mar 2014
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015/12) 17-A
(Comic Book) Marvel
Apr 2017
Superwoman 10-B
(Comic Book) DC
Jul 2017
Collapser 5-A
(Comic Book) DC's Young Animal
Jan 2020
Adventures of Superman by George Perez 1-A
(Hard Cover) DC
Jan 2020
Lady Death: Treacherous Infamy (2020) 1-D
(Comic Book) Coffin Comics
Nov 2020
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