C. E. Murphy's Take a Chance

Comic Book by Dabel Brothers (DB) Productions
(5 issues, 5 covers) - DEC 2008 to JUL 2009
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Dec 2008
Jul 2009

Title Bio

*Five years ago, Frankie Kemp's four-year old son was shot and killed in the crossfire of gang warfare. Desperate to do something to protect other children, Frankie became "Chance", a masked vigilante in a world without superheroes.

However, that all changed when a genetically engineered virus escaped North Korean scientists and spread world-wide. Intended to create a super-soldier program, the virus improved on the basic human template--when it didn't sicken or kill. Now the world is suddenly littered with super-powered beings, and Chance must rediscover her place in the changing world around her. *Source: dabelbrothers.com

Title Data

Title:C. E. Murphy's Take a Chance
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Dabel Brothers (DB) Productions
Caption:Dabel Brothers (DB) Productions 2008 - 2009 (5 Issues)

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