Angel (Series 3)

Action Figure by Diamond Select
(11 issues, 13 covers) - -
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Season 4 Wesley
Not Known
T-1 Lorne 1/500
Not Known

Title Bio

ATS Season 4 Wesley Action Figure
BTVS Bad Girls Wesley Action Figure
ATS "Rain of Fire" Wesley Action Figure
ATS "Parting Gifts" Wesley Action Figure
ATS "Waiting in the Wings" Wesley Action Figure
ATS T1 Unpainted Wesley Figure
ATS T1 Unpainted Lorne Figure
ATS "Judgment" Lorne Action Figure
ATS "The House Always Wins" Lorne Action Figure
ATS Limited LORNE GREEN Signed Edition Vegas Lorne
ATS Life of the Party Limited Signed Edition Lorne figure

Title Data

Title:Angel (Series 3)
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:Diamond Select
Caption:Diamond Select Toys 2005 (11 Figures)


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