Tim Holt

Comic Book by Magazine Enterprises
(38 issues, 38 covers) - JAN 1949 to APR 1954
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Jan 1949
Apr 1954

Title Bio

This series started in the A-1 Comics title with Issues #14 (Tim Holt #1), #17 (Tim Holt #2), and #19 (Tim Holt #3).

Highlights in this series.

#6 1st appearance of "The Calico Kid" (alias Rex Fury).

#11 The Calico Kid becomes The Ghost Rider (Origin and 1st apperance).

#20 Tim Holt becomes Redmask (origin).

#25 1st appearance of Black Phantom.

#39-#41 All 3-D effect c/stories.

Title Data

Title:Tim Holt
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Magazine Enterprises
Caption:Magazine Enterprises 1948 - 1953 (38 Issues)

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