Airboy Comics (1945)

Comic Book by Hillman
(2 issues, 2 covers) - DEC 1945 to JAN 1946
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Dec 1945
Jan 1946

Title Bio

Hillman published its titles in 12-issue volumes, and, by the time of publishing Volume 2 of its title Air Fighter Comics, had determined that they could capitalize on the huge popularity of the feature Airboy by changing the title name to Airboy Comics. Hillman made the change as of Volume 2 Issue #11. The series maintained the original numbering continuity, and the re-titled issues featured the text 'Formerly Air Fighter Comics' on the covers until issue #8 of Volume 3.

Some of the other features from Air Fighters Comics (Sky Wolf, Skinny McGinty, Iron Ace, The Flying Dutchman) continued in the title as backup features, while others did not survive (Black Angel).

Title Data

Title:Airboy Comics (1945)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Hillman
Caption:Hillman 1945 - 1946 2 Issues [Continues from Air Fighters Comics (1943)]


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