Authority (2006)

Comic Book by WildStorm
(2 issues, 5 covers) - DEC 2006 to MAY 2007
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Dec 2006
May 2007

Title Bio

*From the ashes of the former StormWatch arose The Authority, a new kind of super-group. Unlike their precursor, The Authority answers to no government, they do what they do as dictated by their own consciences. Made up of Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo, Midnighter, The Doctor, Swift, and Jenny Quarx (the Spirit of the 21st Century), they are the biggest guns in the super-hero game. Together they form a team of unimaginable power that is made even more formidable by their mammoth vessel, known as the Carrier. A magnificent ship of unknown alien origin, the Carrier allows them to travel through the bleed, to surf through the barriers that separate parallel universe from one another. *Source: WorldStorm #1

Title Data

Title:Authority (2006)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:WildStorm
Caption:WildStorm 2006 - 2007 (2 Issues) [Continues as Authority: The Lost Year #3]


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