StormWatch: P.H.D.

Comic Book by WildStorm
(24 issues, 29 covers) - JAN 2007 to JAN 2010
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Jan 2007
Jan 2010

Title Bio

*StormWatch began as the U.N.'s peacekeeping force, a team of super-humans intervening in global crises. Following several disasters and a loss of funding, StormWatch was dissolved, until its former leader Jackson King reformed StormWatch Prime, now answerable solely to the USA. Constrained by a limited budged, King realized Prime could no longer respond to every crisis. He decided each major city needed a specially trained unit to handle post-human threats without relying on super-powers or expensive technology. To develop appropriate techniques, he recruited individuals with one foot in the post-human world and one in the normal realm. They became the first Post-Human Division.

Led by NYPD officer John Doran's brilliant tactical mind, the team includes washed-up villain The Machinist (Technology); occult expert Black Betty; the former Special Forces soldier known as Paris (combat); the half-alien Dr. Mordecai Shaw, a.k.a. the Monstrosity (forensics); Gorgeous, a master manipulator and former moll to super-criminals (profiler); and Fahrenheit, a StormWatch Prime member who's lost her powers. *Source: WorldStorm #1

Title Data

Title:StormWatch: P.H.D.
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:WildStorm
Caption:WildStorm / DC 2007 - 2010 (24 Issues)


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