Wynonna Earp (1996)

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(5 issues, 5 covers) - DEC 1996 to APR 1997
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Dec 1996
Apr 1997

Title Bio

*We think we can safely say there's never been a comic book series quite like Wynonna Earp. Redneck trailer park vampires, powerful new designer drugs, the sleepy burg of San Diablo, New Mexico and Wynonna herself, a U.S. Marshal who looks like she buys all her clothes at Frederick's of Hollywood and her weaponry from the U.S. Army. Wynonna is one of those books you have to experience. *Source: WildStorm News in Grifter (Vol 2) #6

Title Data

Title:Wynonna Earp (1996)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Image
Caption:Image 1996 - 1997 (5 Issues)


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