Team Titans

Comic Book by DC
(24 issues, 28 covers) - SEP 1992 to SEP 1994
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Sep 1992
Sep 1994

Title Bio

The Team Titans were a group of heroes from an alternate future who were sent back in time to prevent the birth of the boy who would grow up to become Lord Chaos.
They were sent to kill Lord Chaos' mother before she gave birth to him, the mother was the Teen Titan Donna Troy.
Having failed in their mission they remained in the present.
It was also discovered that there entire existence had been manipulated by their mysterious Leader who was actually Hank Hall the Monarch.
The Team Titans were completely erased from existence after the events of Zero Hour.

Title Data

Title:Team Titans
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 1992 - 1994 (24 Issues)



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