Blackest Night (Series 7)

Action Figure by DC Direct
(4 issues, 4 covers) - JAN 2011
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Black Lantern Superman
Jan 2011
Sinestro Corps Member Arkillo
Jan 2011

Title Bio

*The hugely successful Blackest Night action figure line continues!

Included in this seventh installment of the series are: Black Lantern Superman, back from the dead…again; Sinestro Corps Member Arkillo, dissenter defeated, forever forced to wear his traitorous tongue around his neck; Red Lantern Mera, with a rage-filled heart, she allows the Red Ring of Power to drown her; Black Lantern Terra with Scar, resurrected to prey on the hearts of her former team members, Terra teams with near-death survivor Scar in an effort to eradicate all emotion in the Universe. *Source:

Title Data

Title:Blackest Night (Series 7)
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:DC Direct
Caption:DC Direct 2011 (4 Figures)