Comic Book by Malibu
(19 issues, 24 covers) - AUG 1993 to MAR 1995
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Aug 1993
Mar 1995

Title Bio

This series features Alec Swan, a former operative for an organization called The Lodge, now private detective in Pasadena, California. Swan's codename in The Lodge was "Firearm", due to the extremely large and powerful gun he kept in his holster and still keeps. However, Swan detests the name "Firearm", so all of Swan's friends and associates spare no expense to call him by this name every chance they get.

Swan hopes to create a name as a private detective dealing with missing persons and everything else someone in his field encounters. The only bad thing is he keeps getting tangled up with issues involving ultras.

It's a good thing he carries a really big gun.

A spin-off series called "Codename: Firearm" was published after this series ended, and featured back-up stories of Alec Swan.

Title Data

Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Malibu
Caption:Malibu 1993 - 1995 (19 Issues)


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