Masters of the Universe Classics

Action Figure by Mattel
(117 issues, 179 covers) - JAN 2008 to JAN 2014
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Jan 2008
Intergalactic Skeletor
Jan 2014

Title Bio

Harkening back to the look and feel of the original Masters of the Universe line, but updated with more articulation and detail, the Masters of the Universe Classics line brings the past and future of He-Man together. The line is meant to appeal to collectors, and pay homage to the original toyline, which debuted in 1983.

Starting with the King Grayskull Exclusive Action Figure debuting at San Diego ComicCon 2008, the MOTUC line is now sold exclusively through the website Each individual figure is offered to the public for sale once a month, and the figure changes from month-to-month.

Each figure ships from Mattel in a white box, with the MOTUC logo on the front. For collectors, one of the only ways to distinguish one boxed figure from another is the assortment number, listed on the bottom right hand side of the aforementioned white box.

The figures are sculpted by "The Four Horsemen", the same creative team responsible for the reimagined Masters of the Universe toyline in 2002.

In summer 2009, offered the "Club Eternia 2010 Membership", which guarantees you the ability to purchase the monthly figure for 12 months starting in January 2010 (Figures often sell out in the first few days of being offered from the site). The Club Eternia Membership comes with an exclusive figure offered only to members as well as a map/poster of the world of Eternia.

Title Data

Title:Masters of the Universe Classics
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:Mattel
Caption:Mattel 2008 - Current