Comic Book by Bluewater Comics
(4 issues, 8 covers) - JUN 2008 to SEP 2008
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Jun 2008
Sep 2008

Title Bio

When you are a high school student with no friends, life is hard. It makes things even worse when you seem to be allergic to all non-human animals. The solution, order a robotic "rooky" for companionship. Sometimes mistakes can be made in shipping and handling, in this case Karen and the President of the United States have the same street address. Now Karen has three great friends, it just so happens that they are robotic bodyguards, while the President is stuck with a robotic dog that hates him. Things become hairy when the President goes to extremes to recover, Marcia, Jan and Cindy.

Title Data

Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Bluewater Comics
Caption:Bluewater Comics 2008 (4 Issues)


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