Gen13 Bootleg

Comic Book by WildStorm
(20 issues, 25 covers) - NOV 1996 to JUL 1998
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Nov 1996
Jul 1998

Title Bio

*It's a new series for Gen13 fans... We all love the stories Brandon Choi, J. Scott Campbell, and Alex Garner tell about those wacky teens, but we kinda wondered what would happen if we turned other creators loose on them, too. And it turns out creators were standing in line aching to get a chance to do the Gen13 Bootleg. Each story arc will be 1 to 3 issues long. *Source: WildStorm News in Grifter (Vol 2) #5

Solicitations were issued for issues #21 and 22, but the issues themselves were never released.

Title Data

Title:Gen13 Bootleg
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:WildStorm
Caption:WildStorm / Image 1996 - 1998 (20 Issues)


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