Magic the Gathering: Unlimited (Base Set)

CCG / Gaming Card by Wizards of the Coast
(292 issues, 302 covers) - JAN 1993
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Jan 1993
Jan 1993

Title Bio

*The Unlimited set can be distinguished from the Limited sets (commonly known as Alpha and Beta) by the introduction of the white border, a distinguishing feature common in all later core sets, including Revised.
Unlimited can be distinguished from other white-bordered sets by the presence of an illustrated "beveled" edge inside the black outline of the card, and a copyright on the bottom of the card attributing the card art to the artist, but not listing any copyright date.
*Some content copied verbatim from the Magic the Gathering Official Encyclopedia.

Set contains 75 common, 95 uncommon, 117 rare and 15 basic Land (including 2 alternate image cards for each land type).

Title Data

Title:Magic the Gathering: Unlimited (Base Set)
Type:CCG / Gaming Card
Key Pub.:Wizards of the Coast
Caption:Wizards of the Coast 1993 (292 Cards + 10 Alternate Image Cards)

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