Blackest Night (Series 4)

Action Figure by DC Direct
(4 issues, 4 covers) - JAN 2010
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Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
Jan 2010
Black Lantern Firestorm
Jan 2010

Title Bio

*DC Direct continues to roll out action figures based on the soon-to-be legendary Blackest Night storyline!

This series includes Wonder Woman, who is surprisingly transformed by the happenings of the Blackest Night (Read the comics to learn more!); Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, in his new costume as a member of the prestigious Green Lantern Honor Guard; Black Lantern Firestorm, who was once a member of the Justice League but is now a part of the Black Lantern Corps; and Black Hand, who threatens to destroy everything the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps stand for, in ways no one ever dreamed possible. *Source:

Title Data

Title:Blackest Night (Series 4)
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:DC Direct
Caption:DC Direct 2010 (4 Figures)