Comic Book by Marvel
(4 issues, 4 covers) - OCT 1988 to JAN 1989
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Oct 1988
Jan 1989

Title Bio

4 issue mini-series taking place during the Inferno storyline.

Featuring an unofficial team of mutants who got together to rescue a group of babies who were kidnapped by N'astirah and his demons in order to open a portal into the world to allow the Limbo Demons reign over the Earth.

By the end of the series the older members of the X-Terminators team joins with the New Mutants.

The X-Terminators were: Boom Boom, Skids, Rusty Collins, Rictor, Leech, Artie Maddicks and Wiz Kid.

Title Data

Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Marvel
Caption:Marvel 1988 - 1989 (4 Issues)


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