Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand

Comic Book by Dark Horse
(5 issues, 7 covers) - JAN 2012 to MAY 2012
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Jan 2012
May 2012

Title Bio

*In this second appearance in his own title (see Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus for the first LJ feature title), the Lobster faces another character who is either immortal or resurrected, the Black Flame, from the pages of B.P.R.D. In this series, an organized crime member, Arnie Wald, attempts to pull a shady real estate venture in Manhattan by scaring away the local residents, driving down the values, and cashing in on waterfront property. The Lobster is wise to the deal, and Wald is feeling the heat. To aid him in the scam, he uses a power-hungry associate, Mr. Isog, who leverages his supernatural connections, and soon, the Black Flame and his sorceress escort Kamala are making Lobster's life difficult. *Source: Warlock

Title Data

Title:Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Dark Horse
Caption:Dark Horse 2012 (5 Issues)


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