Nexus: Wages of Sin

Comic Book by Dark Horse
(4 issues, 4 covers) - MAR 1995 to JUN 1995
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Mar 1995
Jun 1995

Title Bio

Unofficially #85-88 of the ongoing series.

While 1993's "Alien Justice" was the previous Nexus mini-series, "Magnus Robot Fighter / Nexus," "Hammer of God: Pentathlon," "Mezz: Galactic Tour 2494" and "Hammer of God: Butch" were all published during the two year hiatus.

"Nexus Meets Madman" was published the month before "Executioner's Song" began. While it's not included in the overall numbering, many themes from "Wages of Sin" and "Executioner's Song" are continued in the one-shot.

Title Data

Title:Nexus: Wages of Sin
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Dark Horse
Caption:Dark Horse 1995 (4 Issues)