Daring Mystery Comics

Comic Book by Timely
(8 issues, 8 covers) - JAN 1940 to JAN 1942
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Jan 1940
Jan 1942

Title Bio

Timely published Daring Mystery Comics as a super-hero themed anthology title, introducing new characters such as Purple Mask, Marvex, Silver Scorpion, Captain Daring, and others.

As a point of interest, it was common for publishers to change a title's name (and contents) to meet shifting market demands, but to retain issue numbering. This was related to subscriptions and mailing rate postal regulations. Timely published the last issue of Daring Mystery Comics, #8, in Jan 1942, and published the debut issue of Comedy Comics, issue #9 in April 1942. Daring Comics debuted in Sept 1944 with issue #9. Overstreet lists both Comedy Comics and Daring Comics of continuations of the Daring Mystery title.

Several of the characters in Daring Mystery would see their returns in the pages of Comedy Comics, such as Stuporman.

Title Data

Title:Daring Mystery Comics
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Timely
Caption:Timely 1940 - 1942 (8 Issues)


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