Big Chief Wahoo

Comic Book by Eastern Color
(7 issues, 7 covers) - DEC 1941 to DEC 1943
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Dec 1941
Dec 1943

Title Bio

Developed in 1936 by Elmer Woggon (artist) and Allen Saunders (writer) for Publishers Syndicate, Big Chief Wahoo portrayed a stereo typical indian who was a "Good guy". He had discovered oil on his land and therefore had money.

Most story lines involved crooked people trying to dupe Big Chief Wahoo out of his cash. He would always win in the end but not because he deduced what the criminal types were up to, but instead, purely by accident.

In February of 1947 Big Chief Wahoo disappeared from the pages of comics.

Title Data

Title:Big Chief Wahoo
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Eastern Color
Caption:Eastern Color 1941-1943 (7 Issues)


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