Masters of the Universe (Modern Series) Mini-Statues

Statue / Bust by NECA
(23 issues, 23 covers) - JAN 2005 to JAN 2007
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Jan 2005
He-Man (Classic) 2007 SDCC Exclusive
Jan 2007

Title Bio

In 2005, Mattel halted production of their revisioned "anime-style" Masters of the Universe toy line. NECA and "The Four Horsemen", (sculptors that worked on the Mattel action figures) created this line of mini-statues to feature characters that never made it to the action figure set.

These mini-statues are also known as "Staction Figures", which are action figures that have no articulation, but stand in scale to the rest of the Mattel Masters of the Universe modern series toyline.

Title Data

Title:Masters of the Universe (Modern Series) Mini-Statues
Type:Statue / Bust
Key Pub.:NECA
Caption:NECA 2005-2007 (23 Figures)


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