Alpha Korps

Comic Book by Diversity Comics
(1 issues, 3 covers) - SEP 1996
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Sep 1996

Title Bio

*After the end of the Cold War, there was a necessity for a weapon or FORCE capable of defending the USA, but also a FORCE that would be available as Earth's First-Line-of-Defense against alien invasion. The U.S. Department of Defense had been interested for years in this level of defense, while the United Nations had also expressed a strong desire for such a FORCE.

U.S. Colonel (currently "Retired" from the US Special Operations Forces. formerly in the Green Berets & Delta Force) chose to select, train,& lead this new FORCE. His name: Colonel Timothy "ACE" Watson. The new FORCE's Code name: ALPHA KORPS!

To get a FORCE capable of intimidating or discouraging off world aggressors, Col. "ACE" spent 5 long years (with deep personal involvement) screening the best candidates who manifested signs of possessing the Nucleonic-Anomaly. This rare genetic trait which is only found in one in every million people & typically endows the individual with mutant-like powers. The individual must undergo great mental & physical exhaustion - that, even beyond normal human endurance. Thus ALPHA KORPS was born!

After "retiring" his ALPHA KORPS & himself from the military Col. "ACE" has continued to train & guide this new FORCE into the coming century! His PRIMARY MISSION & that of ALPHA KORPS is to SERVE & DEFEND at any cost! ... this great planet of ours: EARTH! ... from any threat! ...any where!!! INTERNAL or EXTERNAL! *Source: Inside cover of issue #1

Title Data

Title:Alpha Korps
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Diversity Comics
Caption:Diversity 1996 (1 Issue)


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