Astonishing 18-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Oct 01 1952
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Astonishing 18-A by Atlas
Astonishing 18-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:OCT 01 1952
Content:ACMP Authorized

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"Jack the Ripper"
An unsolved series of murders 20 years after the death of Jack the Ripper have the British media proclaiming that his ghost is back for vengeance. An American journalist seeks the grave of the famous killer to disprove the story, but only adds one more to the body count.
Story illustrated by Tony DiPreta; 5 pages (B-165).
Reprinted in Dead of Night (1973) #6.

"Laughter of the Cat God"
Text story with spot illustrations by Joe Maneely; 2 pages (A-865).
Reprinted in Marvel Tales (1949) #124 as "The Charm of Bubastes".

"Vampire At the Window"
Story written by Stan Lee, and illustrated by Hy Rosen; 3 pages (B-145).
Reprinted in Giant-Size Dracula #2.

"Man With a Tail"
Story illustrated by Larry Woromay; 5 pages (B-150).
Reprinted in Uncanny Tales (1973) #8.

"The Sweet Old Ladies"
Story written by Stan Lee, drawn by Dick Ayers, and inked by Ernie Bache; 4 pages (B-146).
Reprinted in Giant-Size Dracula #2.

"The Last Kkrul"
Story illustrated by John Romita Sr.; 6 pages (B-89).
Reprinted in Uncanny Tales (1973) #6.

Cover by Bill Everett.


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