Michael Turner's Fathom: Blue Descent 2-B

Comic Book by Aspen, Feb 01 2011
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Michael Turner's Fathom: Blue Descent 2-B by Aspen
Michael Turner's Fathom: Blue Descent 2-B by Aspen


Cover Price:$2.99
Publish Date:FEB 01 2011
Sale Date:FEB 16 2011
Caption:Billy Tan Cover


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"The Long and Deadly Road"

*Dissension takes center stage in this pulse-pounding second issue of Aspen's all new Fathom mini-series. Absaloma is a member of the Blue, searching for answers to his own purpose within the ever-changing landscape under the surface. However, his self-exploration takes a back seat for a search far more important to his livelihood - the search for his captive wife (and Aspen's mom!), Eilah! Kidnapped by the race known as the Black, Eilah's lurid nightmares of this mythical species came to horrifying life when their arrival indeed turned into a reality. Now, with a new focused determination and motivation, it is up to Abseloma and his trusted childhood friend Zo to rescue his wife from the ominous race of the Black! *Source: aspenstore.com


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