Painkiller Jane/Darkchylde 1-G

Comic Book by Event Comics, Oct 01 1998
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Painkiller Jane/Darkchylde 1-G by Event Comics
Painkiller Jane/Darkchylde 1-G by Event Comics


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:OCT 01 1998
Sale Date:FEB 24 1999
Caption:DF JoeQ Cover 2 (sign JoeQ, JimmyP & Queen) 1/1500


Item Biography

"Lost in a Dream"

Jane is asked to investigate Dr. Victor Arkadin of the Arkadin Clinic. Apparently, the daughter of a friend lapsed into a coma after seeing the doctor for a sleep disorder. And she is not the only one! Jane undergoes the doctor's hypnotherapy and finds herself a captive in the nightmare realm of V'Ark. Meanwhile, Ariel Chylde also finds herself drawn to the realm. Can these two defeat V'Ark and his minions and free the other captives?

*Find out who they battle in this issue! Who will win? Who will lose? Here is your opportunity to purchase the alternate cover with is exclusive to Dynamic Forces! Unsigned $6.95, Signed by Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and Randy Queen $29.95 *Source: Dynamic Forces ad, Painkiller Jane/Hellboy #1

Painkiller Jane's previous appearance was in Painkiller Jane/Hellboy (Aug 1998) and her next appearance is in Painkiller Jane Zero (Jan 1999).

32 pages: 22 of story & art, 10 of ads

This issue includes:
- advertisements for Dynamic Forces, Ash: Fire and Crossfire #1, Hellcop #1 from Image, Comicraft/Active Images fonts, Painkiller Jane action figure, Darkchylde: The Legacy #2 from Image, Vampirella: Blood Lust hardcover from Harris, Painkiller Jane Zero, Wizard: The Comics Magazine #89 and a second one for Dynamic Forces


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