Heavy Metal 70-A

Magazine by HM Communications, Jan 01 1983
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Heavy Metal 70-A by HM Communications
Heavy Metal 70-A by HM Communications


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1983


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The Baron's son has a fetish for androids, but wishes he could have a real girl.

"I'm Age"

A fantasy waiting to happen.

"Me and Space"

The dangers of space and the outcome of unprotected travel.

"The Ape"

The emperor is unhappy to find that the young ape, who was the inspector for his imperial stables, is not dead.


Captain Zora finds a planet in turmoil, one which even she may not be able to save.


A photo montage of the disastrous effects of overexposure.

"The Man from Harlem"

Johnny Lincoln tries to maintain order in life, but he strays down a forbidden path.


The city is divided "fairly".

"Freak Show"

Celia gets her revenge.

"The Dark Crystal: The Twinkle in Brian Froud's Eye"

An interview with Brian Froud along with illustrations and stills from the upcoming Dark Crystal movie.

"Robot Love"

El Borbah finds that his latest adventure is not all it seems.

"June 2050"

The old seek to escape in the bodies of the young, but justice catches up with them.

"Den II"

Den and Mutta finally reach Minimuut.


Mudwog finally catches the big one.

"The Hunter" a reprinted story from 1979.

"The Bus"

Bus banner ads are always the cure for what ails you.


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