Long, Hot Summer (1995) 1-A

Comic Book by Milestone, Jul 01 1995
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Long, Hot Summer (1995) 1-A by Milestone
Long, Hot Summer (1995) 1-A by Milestone


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:JUL 01 1995
Sale Date:MAY 04 1995
Content:CCA Approved


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"Skeleton At The Feast"


It was all about the balance of power. And it happened like this: The territory wars between the major gangs in the neighborhood known as "Paris Island," had reached critical mass. One night, all had agreed to settle their differences in an event that came to be known as "the Big Bang." Five hundred gangbangers, loaded for bear, met that night at the intersection of the three major gangs' territories, "Ground Zero." This was no secret. The people on the street knew it, the kids in the schools knew it, the people in the neighborhood knew it. The cops knew it too.

The mayor of the city Dakota saw this as a tempting opportunity to clean up her city's gang problem and position herself as an anti-crime candidate in one fell swoop. She ordered an all out police attack on the gangs. By Monday morning, there wouldn't be a serious gangbanger in town, they'd all be in jail.The cops, you see, had a secret weapon. The "tear gas" the cops were carrying was also a harmless radioactive marker. It would allow the police to track down any gang member who managed to slip away. At least, that was the plan.

Instead, something went horribly wrong. The tear gas killed most of the gang members it touched. Perhaps the dead were the lucky ones.The survivors found themselves changed into something more than human, or in some horrible cases, something less. Unthinkable and extreme forces have been unleashed upon this city on the mighty James River. And now, the men and women of Dakota are forced to confront the worst and best within each of them... *Source: inside front cover.


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