Tales to Astonish (1959) 86-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 1966
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Tales to Astonish (1959) 86-A by Marvel
Tales to Astonish (1959) 86-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:DEC 01 1966
Content:CCA Approved


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"The Wrath of Warlord Krang!" featuring the Sub-Mariner.

Namor still searches for Warlord Krang and Lady Dorma, while Krang prepares to make the surface world quake. His warship generates a tidal wave that devastates New York City. Namor radios his position to the military, who torpedo Krang's ship, but they also assume that it is the Sub-Mariner who is responsible. The military capture Krang and Dorma and set the bait to lure Namor into their trap. 12 pages.

"The Birth of the Hulk-Killer!" featuring the Hulk.

As the deadly Orion Missile bears down on New York City, it carries Bruce Banner, who had hoped to save the day. He designed the missile and so easily reprograms the telemetry, sending it out over the water, saving the city. Elsewhere, the military has discovered the lab of the now-dead Leader, and find his un-deployed super-weapon against the Hulk, a super-humanoid. They bring it to life and find that it cannot be controlled. 10 pages.

Both features reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #41.


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