Action Comics (1938) 276-A

Comic Book by DC, May 01 1961
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Action Comics (1938) 276-A by DC
Action Comics (1938) 276-A by DC


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:MAY 01 1961
Content:CCA Approved

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6th Chronological Appearance of the Legion of Super-Heroes; 1st Appearances of Triplicate Girl, Phantom Girl, Brainiac 5, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, and Bouncing Boy

Superman in "The War Between Supergirl and the Superman Emergency Squad"
Written by Robert Bernstein, penciled by Wayne Boring & inked by Stan Kaye.
John Kiley tricks Superman into revealing he's Clark Kent. After Clark is trapped by Kryptonite, Supergirl and the Emergency Squad spring into action.
14 pages.

An untitled Varsity Vic strip.
Written, penciled & inked by Henry Boltinoff.
1 page.

Supergirl in "Supergirl's Three Super Girl-Friends"
Written by Jerry Siegel, penciled & inked by Jim Mooney.
*One year after meeting the Legion, Supergirl is once again invited to try out for membership. In the 30th Century, she is told that new rules allow two new members to join each year, and meets several other applicants, including Brainiac 5, the descendant of the original Brainiac, one of Superman's greatest foes. She distrusts him until, after her own initiation test, he risks his life by giving her his force-shield belt to protect her from a giant Kryptonite meteor.

Along with Brainiac 5, who allows her to keep the belt, Supergirl is inducted into the Legion. She returns home confident that she'll never have to worry about Kryptonite again; however, an explosion damages the belt beyond repair, and she is vunerable once more. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #1 - Published by ICG.
12 pages.

An untitled Little Pete strip.
written, penciled & inked by Henry Boltinoff.
1 page.

Cover art by Curt Swan.


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